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The actuarial firm ACRA was founded in 2001 as a pleased intuition for the synthesis of many experiences in research and advice of its founding members, who gather around Prof. Paolo De Angelis, full professor at Sapienza – University of Rome.

Since its origin, ACRA has set as a privileged place to treat all aspects of advanced research and training in actuarial sciences and consultancy in the fields of pensions, assistance, structured finance, insurance and statistic or their combinations to face with the real operational needs of the reference markets, as: insurance companies, mutual funds, pension funds, health funds , banks and financial institutions, operators of industrial and commercial sectors.

The firm ACRA is chaired by Prof. Paolo De Angelis. ACRA’s senior partners are Paolo Nicoli, graduated in Actuarial Sciences; Fabio Baione, Ph.D and graduated in Actuarial Sciences; Andrea Fortunati, graduated in Economics. External consultants are Francesco Maria Matricardi and Eraldo Antonini, both graduated in Actuarial Sciences. Other Firm’s employees are Ph.D students in Actuarial Sciences and young actuaries, bringing the total number of professionals engaged to twelve people.

ACRA has its headquarters in Rome. The firm operates throughout Italy and has some scientific collaborations and consultancy abroad.

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