Studio ACRA Filosofia/Philosophy

Studio Acra Philosophy

The firm ACRA is intended as a scientific research center, a place which – starting from the academic world of its own members – is a center for advanced study on actuarial, financial and statistics fields; a center of culture, able to act as a professional partner, useful for the development of companies that want to make use of its professional skills.

In this spirit ACRA provides services to the enterprises, as a bearer of actuarial, statistical and financial cultures, wealth of experience and direct connection to the area of its professional vocation.

The firm ACRA wants to emerge in its own professional context because of its quality and working method, which integrates the experience and continuous innovation of technical and professional level, guided by principles of independence and ethical rigor, focusing on the speed of solutions, the effectiveness of its action and the quality of results.

The aim of the work of ACRA is to provide expertise to client companies to set up, support, implement the decisions that they want to take and to make.

Scientific rigor, professional level and ethical quality are the key values of the firm ACRA to offer competent, effective and practical support to the companies in the field of actuarial sciences, statistics and finance.

ACRA is thus oriented towards the pursuit of the highest quality of services offered, leveraging the capabilities of its members in the Scientific Research and their level of Professionalism, without abandoning the principles of Ethics and ensuring that the final product is always at the top of Quality.

This spirit is specific to each partner or employee of the firm, is present in every phase of the activity, with the aim of fully understanding and matching customer needs.

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