Studio Acra - La Ricerca

The Research

Research and Development plays a central role in ACRA, as a center of scientific studies on statistical , actuarial and financial fields; every research effort is dedicated to the development of mathematical models, methods and innovative processes to improve the efficiency of traditional professional actuarial activities and to open new areas of activity for the actuarial profession.

The ACRA’s research topics are focused in particular on:

  • the implementation of stochastic models for mortality projections;
  • the analysis, measurement and management of biometric risks (longevity, mortality, disability) in the Non-life insurance and pension funds, as well as the capital requirements valuations;
  • the development of models for measuring the underwriting and reserve risks for non-life insurance company and subsequent analysis of the capital needs;
  • the development of the fair value models for pricing life insurance contracts, and the policies portfolios under the stochastic Asset Liability Management framework according to the market consistent approach;
  • the development of pricing models for Medical Malpractice risks.

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