Studio ACRA Lo Studio/The Firm

ACRA is organized with a framework for departments, each with its own specific features and operating range, all of them submitted to a single professional and scientific coordination:

Life Insurance and Non-life Insurance
Credit, Finance and Pension
Risk Management and Business Issues
Assistance and Health

In each of them, scientific researches and applications to specific cases are developed as required by the specific target market.

Each department has its own reference person as a responsible and each of them interacts with

Prof. Paolo De Angelis, who ensures the coordination and follows the scientific, professional and operational activities.

Four areas of support are devoted to financial and insurance entities :

Actuarial analysis and IT development
Communication, organization and services
Reinsurance and Solvency II
Actuarial outsourcing

I’ll share my experiences here what seems to work well and what doesn’t, and seek feedback from my readers about their experiences